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I was having a hard time remembering everything, even menial things. Since I love to play a lot of word games and do medical research, I have definitely noticed a difference. I suppose I was giving up and just accepting that this is what happens in life.

However, since I started taking Zenith Brain Boost, it seems like I am much sharper and even surprised myself with the harder word games. I have better recall and a better memory of everything. I am very appreciative of this product!

Patricia Holland,

Age 85, Fort Collins, Colorado

My health was excellent. I rode a bicycle 30 miles a day. I had fairly good vision, with slightly farsighted, presbyopia. Then, over a very short time, I noticed something wrong. My vision had become blurry, as if there were something on my eye.

One day while at work, a 'safe' laser connected to an electric miter box hit my right eye and it felt like a hammer had hit it. This had been going on for a few years but had not hurt. And, after all, it was a 'safe' laser, according to OSHA. I went to my superior and was sent to an optometrist for evaluation. He determined that I had cataracts, because of age, in one eye. He made most of his revenue from doing laser surgery.

The damage to my eye was causing me to make mistakes at work and I was fired. I felt anger and frustration that my hands were tied and I was being lied to. Workmans Comp disallowed my claim and the 'doctor' came after me for his fee, over $9000 for one hour. I started doing research and discovered that "do no harm" was not part of the eye 'care' business...but there seemed to be nothing I could do. Then, a few weeks ago, I got the info about the Outback Vision Protocol. I started it exactly one week ago.

Within three days my eye was feeling less 'pressured'. I believe my vision is improving and am printing up the charts so I can get an objective measure. I’m excited, positive, and hopeful. I also have way more energy as a bonus. Thanks so much!

James Reeves,

Age 69, DeLand, Florida

I have very good health and a happy, active life with my wife. We’re active in church, with friends, playing in church and community orchestra, play in nursing homes, spend time with our kids and grandkids and all relatives. I've always been optimistic, positive, had faith in God, been encouraging to others, even through several near death events, cancer surgeries and recoveries. We are so blessed.

When I saw the advertisement explaining the Outback Vision Protocol, it looked like it would help make my vision better, help with dry eyes, and left me feeling no doubts about it. I like the smoothies and looking forward to improvement of my vision and dry eyes.

Ray Sanders,

Age 70, Bryan, Texas

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